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System engineering business

“A group of engineers who develop, build, and maintain e-learning services will use their experience to build the optimal web service for your business.”

We undertake contract development of the system and cloud service development in various fields.

Regarding cloud services, we support the development and system operation of high-quality, user-friendly services based on our abundant development experience and software assets, such as our e-learning cloud service / SNS cloud service.

Technical element

Infrastructure elements: AWS, Azure, Zoom, Vimeo, Payment Function
Software environment elements:
Development technology elements:

Development results

These are systems that we have developed and are currently operating mainly for Japanese corporations.

– Pet Lovers World –

This is an example of building an SNS site for pet owners using i-Learny’s content distribution, membership management, payment functions, etc.

– JVEC –

We design and operate long-term certified learning courses that combine content learning, webinar courses, online exams, and practical exams provided by the Japan Small Animal Veterinarian Certification Association.

Medical ICT business

“We will support the IT implementation of medical institutions, which is necessary for improving patient services and competitiveness of medical institutions in the future.”

Medical image management system (PACS) development and sales business

“The medical imaging system (Mity series PACS system), which has an extensive track record in Japan,” is developed and sold by a manufacturer in the Philippines, so you can rest assured of the support after the introduction.

We sell PACS systems that support the filing and operation of the medical image output from CT, MRI, XRay, UltraSound, Endscape, etc., which are image-based diagnostic medical equipment in hospitals, and peripheral application package products for management. 

  • MityForOne: medical image filing system (PACS system)
  • MityViewer WR: DICOM Viewer Software
  • Mity Report Anywhere: Report Software


Medical system development business

We will respond to system development such as “electronic medical record/accounting system” and “reservation service” for medical institutions where demand is increasing in the future.

→ Development of a medical system
We support the development of various software used in hospital facilities that match the Philippines. In particular, we support the development of inspection systems (RIS systems) such as “reservation systems, report creation systems, and staff management systems” linked with medical imaging systems (PACS).

→ Building a medical cloud service
We mainly support the development and operation of cloud services provided by medical-related businesses.
Specifically, we support the construction of membership management for academic societies, content distribution for members, billing services for members, online certification test services for various certification bodies, and websites for hospitals.

(main solution)
Web services for hospitals and medical institutions
e-learning platform service (i-Learny) for academic societies and accredited institutions
Medical institution cooperation service

(Provided service)
By providing i-Learny (e-learning platform service) provided by our company and customizing it for customers based on its rich platform, we quickly build a variety of services.

i-Learny: e-learning platform service

Why Choose Us

Local Service

Excellent staff in the Philippines provide IT solutions.

japanese quality

We have a development staff who complies with Japan's strict quality control.

cloud service

We have released many cloud services and are responding to new technologies daily.

Medical Functions

We have extensive experience in imaging and medical information systems for hospitals.

Our Team

We have an office in the center of Manila, and our engineers are free to work from their homes or offices as they wish. Twice a year, we deepen exchanges at vacations and parties.

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